In Spring 2010 I decided to rebuild the Bug cart using a much more simplified and smaller design that would make it easier to move around the garage. (With selling he other Bug saving space by having it fit over top the pan was no longer an issue.) Taking ideas from several posts I found on forums I put together the cart at left.

78 inches long
54 inches wide
9.5 inches tall

It's built with a total of seven 2x6's secured together at the corners with 6 inch long 5/16 bolts. For extra strength I added the 2x6 in the middle with 3" screws to hold it in. I also added in the additional 2x6 in the front to better support the front of the heater channels. (And added one on the rear of the cart for balance/symmetry.) The wheels are 5" molded rubber swivel caster wheels from Harbor Freight. In retrospect I should have gone with some other sort of wheel. The casters don't swivel all that well even after liberal applications of WD-40 and while they work well enough on concrete they really don't do so well on grass.

The cart is just wide enough to fit the heater channels almost exactly and long enough that the channels fit in between the bolts that secure the wheels onto the cart.

Below Left: Another view of the Bug on the cart.
Below Right: It was a little tight in the garage until I sold the brown Bug.