Quite a few people have emailed me in the past year asking about the dimensions of the cart I built to hold the Beetle’s body after it was removed from the pan. As I noted on the body removal page I researched the design of the cart on TheSamba’s forums as well as various restoration websites like 1967CalBug.com. From those I tailored the design to fit my needs and situation. For me the height of the garage door opening at 72 inches was the biggest limitation. It had me measuring, remeasuring, and then measuring some more just to be sure the whole thing would fit through the door with the Bug on top. When the Bug body was finally removed from the pan, placed on the cart, and rolled into the garage for the first time I had less than two inches of clearance.

Overall dimensions:
Length - 6.5 feet
Width - 6.0 feet
Maximum width (with side pieces factored in) - 6.5 feet
Height with Bug - 70 inches
Height without Bug - 28 inches