A lot of people have contributed help or otherwise made it possible to take on this project. To them I owe much thanks and gratitude. In no particular order (except for the top one):

-My girlfriend/fiancé/wife Jenny for allowing the need for a garage to be a priority when we went looking for a house and putting up with the time and money I’ve spent on this project. She has been fully supportive every step of the way and has even been known to step in and help directly once in a while. And she likes going to Volkswagen shows. This restoration would absolutely not be possible without her backing.

-My late father Richard Rew for helping in buying the Bug originally and the time spent moving it between storage spots.

-My father-in-law Jeff Cheatham for the use of his truck, trailer, and time involved in transporting the Bug back and forth to various places for work I couldn't do on my own along with the lending of tools and providing advice.

-My brothers Mike and Rick Rew for their help in moving the Bug around the garage from cart to sawhorses and back again numerous times.

-The members of RichmondDubs, in particular Andy for giving me a spot at his house to store the Bug for a few weeks in the summer of 2004, Toma and Geoff for helping remove the body from the pan in January 2008, Tim for technical help and parts, and others for helping in cleaning up the inside following the fire and getting it stabilized prior to going into storage.

-My Aunt Susan, my mom’s cousin, my friends from college Molly and Travis Tolton, and my co-worker Robin Loyall and her husband Tony along with the aforementioned Andy for providing spots to store the Bug in the two years following the fire as well as VW Motor Rebuilders on Route 1 in Ashland, Virginia for allowing me to park it there a few days until a more permanent solution could be found.

-My late uncle Jerry Rew for giving me a number of spare parts leftover from his days tinkering with aircooled Volkswagens.