Below are the other Volkswagens I have owned in the past.

FLY GTI the Second
2004 GTI 1.8T
January 2004 - July 2012

This was my first brand new car and when I picked it up it had all of ten miles on the odometer. My first GTI got me hooked on them and I had wanted a new one for years. I decided when I graduated from college I would reward myself with one and a few months before I did just that. This car was a blast to drive and looked sharp too. When I bought it I had thought it would be my last car before I had a family and needed something larger but it worked out well as a family car. It had enough room to be useful and take on road trips but small and fast at the same time. Ultimately and with some regret I sold her to get something more fuel efficient and family friendly. With the exception of the Bug I owned her longer (eight and a half years) and drove her more miles (132,000) than every other car I've owned combined. She will be missed greatly but I'm confident I sold her to a good home and she will be cared for very well.

1973 Super Beetle Autostick
December 2006 - May 2010
This was the first and only automatic transmission car I have ever owned. I bought it because the body was in much better shape and I thought I would have a drivable Bug sooner. Once I got it home though I discovered some issues that were far more involved than I had planned to deal with. While I messed with it some I became hesitant to put too much money into it as my red Bug had the priority for funds. Eventually in Spring 2010 I came to the realization that I needed the space in the garage if I was ever going to make progress on my other Bug and sold it.

The Orange Rolling Deathtrap
1973 Super Beetle
May 2005 - December 2006
I paid $450 for this car that my wife hated from the minute I bought it. The only time I ever drove it was from the gas station where it was parked to home which was by far one of the scariest drives I’ve ever taken as the brake pedal went to the floor and if I had gone over 25mph I wouldn’t have ever been able to stop in time to avoid hitting someone. The body was in bad shape and the previous owner had given it a rattle can paint job with overspray everywhere. The engine was strong however and my plan had been to use it as a parts car for my red Bug. Eventually the brown one above became available though and I sold this to a guy in Ohio (and actually sold it for more than I paid for it) that came down two days before Christmas to pick it up and take it home.

1965 Beetle
June 2004
I owned this car for all of three days and was the Bug I bought the night before I found out my red Bug was back for sale. I quickly sold it to a guy from West Virginia that saw my ad on for a couple hundred dollars more than I paid for it. I regret selling this one too and wouldn’t have if the red one hadn’t come back up for sale. I got it for a steal from a guy that needed money to pay rent and it came with a lot of extra parts. Being from the southwest it was very solid and would have been a great car to keep.

CRAZDVW, The Little Jetta That Could
1986 Jetta Diesel
April 2002 - December 2003
I happened to hear about this car from one my neighbors and former teachers that knew the sellers up the street from us. For $500 I got a one owner car that averaged 45mpg. At about 90hp it wasn’t very fast and I managed to get it up to 95mph one time going down a slight hill. It was a fun little car though and with the great gas mileage it got I wish I still had it. Unfortunately one my neighbors (who months later would take out several cars in the neighborhood while driving drunk one night) backed into it with his Suburban and totaled it.

FLY GTI the First
1988 GTI 16v
December 1998 - March 2004
After having the Bug as my daily driver for over a year I started looking for something with a bit more power and amenities like heat. I originally had wanted a Corrado but they were too expensive at the time. I spent $2400 on the GTI and quickly became a believer in the little car that went really fast. The first day I owned it I took it up to 90mph before I realized it and the second day I maxed it out at 125mph on I-295. (I would never do that nowadays mind you but I was a teenager lacking in common sense at the time.) I had a lot of fun with this car and have fond memories of pushing it's limits on twisty country backroads.